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The Alien Claw dab rig is a stand-out-piece that you can add to your collection! The bong features a dark green hue that adds character to its alien like claws. The claws on this bong hook towards the chamber and fill up with water to catch any back splash your hits may produce.

The matrix perc in the chamber is slotted with 11 cut outs to help diffuse your monster hits. The cooled smoke travels its way through the second chamber where it exits from the mouth piece. The bowl insert is tilted 45 degrees to let the user easily light their bowl. The thick rounded mouth piece is also tilted 45 degrees to let you comfortably take a hit!

Height: 8 Inch

Width: 4 inch

Weight: 1lb 3oz

Thickness: 4MM

Matrix Perc

Transparent Green Accents

Sci-fi Alien Claw rig