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The perfect dab..

Low temp dabbing. No one wants a hot one... unless you’re into that sort of thing. The perfect temperature we’re gonna talk about it do you want to equally torch your nail and let it settle to cool down so when you do go in with that Dab it’s at that perfect temperature so let’s say you torch at 45 seconds I would advise to let it cool down for 30 to 45 seconds before you go in with that deliciousness. Make sure to get that right temperature because that’s going to change the flavor of your precious product. Depending on what type of quartz nail you are using if it’s a terp slurper or what type of airflow are you using to carb, this all comes in the play of course so test it freely and try to remember what you did so that way you can get to that perfect temperature because let me tell you no one can tell you what temperature to dab it’s a personal preference.

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