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Glass Wax Rigs in Nevada

Tobacco Revolution has high-quality products that we know you'll love. Whether you're looking for glass rigs or a silicone pipe, our inventory has something for everyone in Nevada.

What Options Do We Have?


Here at Tobacco Revolution, we pride ourselves on our wide variety of options. Our showroom is massive and filled with smoking devices of all kinds. We have bubblers, blunts, pipes, rollers, and hangers. You can find pipes and bubblers in all styles as well.

We have a selection of hand pipes, ranging from a football shape to a Sherlock Holmes-style pipe. No matter what your interests are, we sell products to suit every style.

Why Choose Us


The number one thing that sets us apart is our use of glass. Glass is durable and feels better in your hand. That's why almost all the products we carry are crafted from quality glass, from our glass avocado hand pipe to our glass wax rigs.

We have been in business since 2006, so we know how to deliver products that customers love. Plus we offer free shipping on our products to make ordering easy and convenient.

You are sure to find the smoking device that works for your extracts, oils, and blends here at Tobacco Revolution.

Start shopping today, or contact us to learn more.